DIY: Repurposing old jars

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 3.10.04 PM
Not that long ago, I believed I was really bad with plants. (This belief came from having killed several “easy” plants.)

Then I started living by myself and it turns out that is pretty bleak when your studio apartment only has 1 window and it faces your building’s shared porch and also your bed is right against the window. So I got a plant, and suddenly it wasn’t quite as depressing.

And when I didn’t kill that plant (an aloe plant), I got another. And another. And another. And now I have quite a lot of plants.

Something I didn’t know about plants before becoming a bonafide plant-lady is that plants have babies. So you can propagate new plants from cuttings, but a lot of plants will pop out a new one themselves, which makes it easy to pluck and replant. My boyfriend will not indulge me in going to a greenhouse every weekend to get new pots (because that inevitably leads to more plants), but empty jars make a good plant pot in a pinch. Rinse out your empty salsa/enchilada sauce/pasta sauce/etc jar and there you go!

Recently so many of my plants had lil sproutings and I had so many jars that I ran out of window space. I packed a bunch up in an empty shoe box and took them to work, where I bequeathed them to coworkers. So I got to do something nice for my coworkers, and  it cost me no money and that was good for the plant!

Jar type and shape is also fun — generally I plant succulents in wide-mouth jars and treat them like just a regular plant pot, but depending on the size and shape of your jars, some of them are really well suited for terrariums or creeping-viney plants. Plus – jars-as-pots mean you can see root systems, and some of them are crazy!

When I finish something in a jar, I rinse it out and put it behind my sink until I have time  and the appropriate plant to put inside it. Minimal effort for pretty results!


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