Wrap your Wrap!

Kiss your saran wrap good bye!

I don’t know where I first saw these, but this square fabric wrap is a great way to reduce waste in taking your lunch to work. I’ve had these fabric wrap-wraps for a couple years so now I can’t think of what to call them anymore? And searching “wrap burrito fabric” is just giving me a lot of results for fabric printed with burritos.

I have a couple fabric bags to replace the traditional plastic ziplock baggies, but they just don’t work well for wraps, which I make much more often than sandwiches. This particular design is really simple and you could probably make it yourself if you’re handy with a sewing machine (my boyfriend’s dad actually made me a few of these).

Convenience items are definitely my biggest source of waste, so this wrap-wrap and other reusable to-go tools (like these bamboo utensils) are some of the ways I’m reducing the amount of trash I generate. Where do you generate the most of your trash and what do you do to reduce it?



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