Grana Racerback Tank


I accumulated a lot of neon athletic clothing while I worked at Athleta after college, and as soon as I stopped working there, realized that a lot of what I had didn’t fit my lifestyle. What I do value in athletic or athleisure clothing is versatility and comfort, and my neon/high performance stuff was not making sense. So I sold a lot of it. Now I tend of wear the same things over and over, but I do pilates every morning so I do rotate through workout clothes pretty often, and a few months ago realized that I was lacking on simple workout tops. (For some reason I have plenty of bottoms? How does that happen?)

Grana is a clothing company based out of Hong Kong with a transparency model similar to Everlane. They came out with an athletic line recently, and I purchased the racerback tank because it looked like a simple and versatile piece.

So what’s so special about it?
When I received it, I was surprised at how soft it was. As you can see in the picture, the cut is pretty severe, which for me is not a big issue because I’m pretty flat chested and I don’t mind showing off a little sports bra. It’s a very simple top, so for doing pilates on a mat, that’s great for me. No bunching/scrunching and minimal adjusting. The fabric is moisture wicking and lightweight.

What’s it for?
My workouts are typically pilates and light cardio, so I’m not usually soaking my clothing with sweat. For my workouts, this is perfect, and I definitely wear it often on weekends just for chilling out.

Is it worth it?
The racerback top is $25 (and get 10% off your first purchase with this link), and though I haven’t bought any other products from their activewear line, I’m pretty enamored with this fabric and would consider buying it in another color or one of their other tops if it made sense to add another work out top to my mix. I think it’s a reasonable price for a quality product.


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