Running Around in Wool Runners

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So, what’s so special about them? 

Allbirds, a new, very instagram-friendly company produces shoes made of merino wool. Merino wool comes from a specific type of sheep raised in mostly Australia and New Zealand, it’s naturally super-fine (so not scratchy like old wool sweaters) and naturally odor-resistant. Merino wool as the base of a shoe means that it uses 60% less energy than the typical process to make a shoe of synthetic materials. Allbirds is a certified B-corp and the wool is ZQ-certified, so they’re paying attention and following strict guidelines for sustainability, animal welfare, and company transparency and accountability. On top of that, they’ve designed their packaging to use 40% fewer materials than typical shoe packaging. Allbirds just launched a second style, their wool loungers, in addition to the wool runners, and color options are limited to a few standards and short-term seasonal colors.

What are they for? 

So, these aren’t shoes for hard workouts (the packaging even notes that these are for everyday wear, not marathons), which is fine with my lifestyle. The loungers look similarly cute and comfortable, so depending on your style and what you plan to wear them for, I recommend checking them out.

Are they worth it? 

In my opinion – yes. I’m a big fan of the look of the shoe- clean lines, minimal distractions, and neutral colors. I purchased my pair off an ebay seller who got the wrong size and missed the return window, so their loss was my gain, and I ended up shaving off a little from Allbirds $95 price tag. These are incredibly lightweight and unbelievably soft– I’d been eyeing them for a long time but still wasn’t sure if all the hype about their comfort was true and it 100% is. It is like walking on little clouds all day. So far, I’ve been wearing them without socks in some pretty up and down spring temperatures, and the temperature regulation has been great so far.

In sum, I love these shoes and I’m so interested to see how Allbirds (or maybe other companies) incorporates natural materials into everyday items for more sustainable shopping!



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