Winter 10×10 Closet Challenge

Lee Vosburgh (Style Bee) and Caroline Joy Rector (Un-Fancy) are “hosting” another 10×10 challenge, wherein you pick 10 items of clothing and wear them for 10 days. The idea is to get creative pieces from your existing closet as a way to reflect on the versatility that exists in minimal choices.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI just realized that not including my 2 pairs of shoes–I’m 1 item short in this picture.

Winter is tough – especially this week in Philly, as Monday it was in the 20s and by Friday it could be near 60? 

For day 1 and 2 I wore outfits that actually I wear pretty often, so it’s not all that much of a closet mix up for me. This simple navy blazer that I bought at a GAP in college is actually a wardrobe powerhouse of mine–I have a hard time finding blazers that I like the fit of and that don’t have shoulder pads (already have broad shoulders, don’t need that) and it is my go-to method of making something “work-appropriate.” Sure, I lost one of the original front buttons in 2011, and ended up replacing both front buttons with a completely different kind of button because I couldn’t find a match, and also the elbows are getting a little shiny, but come hell or high water I shall hang onto this blazer as long as its wearable. After I realized how good it was (2011? 2012?) I went back to the GAP to see if they still sold it in other colors but the fabrication and fit was different.

Outfit 3 (today) was the first time I wore that sweater over another shirt like that. Since it’s so thin I usually just wear it over a tank top or on its own, and I was surprised how much I liked the look, although I was worried about stretching it out since the chambray shirt is kind of loose-fitting.

Although the first three days haven’t been hard, I also haven’t put a lot of thought into the outfits either. I’m looking forward to thinking up how to make the 2nd half (I’m doing the Winter10x10 on work days) of the challenge not just a repeat of what I’ve worn already…



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